The Next Generation of Disciples



At Jesus Is Amazing, we want to help create the “next generation of disciples”. What this means, is we see the trouble, the hurt, and the barriers that some of the children in our community deal with.  Their life is one of chaos and confusion.  People come and go in their life.  There is no constant, no rock.  They are just struggling, and dealing with the bad choices made by the adults in their life.  They bide their time with no hope, just another generation of the same emptiness and confusion as the generation before them.  At Jesus Is Amazing, we want them to know there is power in Jesus Christ and the cross!  They do not have to reflect the generation before them, they can reflect Jesus Christ himself.  A new life of hope, peace, joy, and purpose!  We want them to know we love them and care because Jesus first loved us and them!

They don’t care what you know, until they know that you care!

At Jesus is Amazing we have a mentor/discipleship program.  In this program, we build teams to love and pour into the lives of these teenagers.  We have conversations and document the dreams, goals, barriers and influencers.  We enter into a covenant with the team.  When requirements are met (attendance, grades) and goals are reached as a team, the children are rewarded.  Sometimes it’s just simple things like dinner, shopping, games or activities, Other times there are financial rewards placed into their church savings account to help with future needs like driver’s education, vehicle, insurance, career training.  We pray with them for a vision for the future.  We let them know all things are possible with Jesus Christ!  With Jesus guiding these mentors and these children, we will help mold the next generation of disciples, to make the name of Jesus Christ famous and bring heaven to earth!

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