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We are so glad you visited our website! We hope it will get you so excited about what Jesus has done and what He is doing so that you come visit us.  You will be welcomed by big smiles, a diverse group of people, and  you will be blown away by the love of Jesus. We will be excited when you come join us.

Please, come with an open mind, an open heart, and block out what you think church is or is “supposed” to be.  We are a diverse non-denominational church full of people raised Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Protestant, Pentecostal, and some that this is the first time coming to church.  Come just how you are and you will fit right in.  There will be some in suits and dresses, some in jeans, and flip flops, some dancing, some sitting, some kneeling, some crying, and some laughing.  Services will not be perfect and polished but they will be authentic and heart felt! Thank you, Jesus just as I am I come! Oh, what amazing love!

10:30am – Church Service; We Worship together as a family.  Then a relevant message from Pastor Bryan and at that time the nursery is opened and Children’s church with a relevant message for K-2nd grade and 3rd thru 5th grade

7:00pm – First Monday of every month Women’s Worship & Prayer

5:00pm – Men’s prayer and worship
6:30pm – 8:00pm – Children’s Church K-12 Jesus love and Pizza
7:00pm – Adult Bible Study

7:00pm – Jesus is Recovery; Discipleship with focus on Addictions

Jesus Is Amazing Church

Come just as you are.

Come and be changed forever by the love of Jesus.  There will be praise and worship.  A relevant message to strengthen and build you up.  None of our services will be polished or well-rehearsed, but it will be authentic and come from the heart. See you there!

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