The Power of the Local Church

Jesus, the light of mankind. The creator of everything out of nothing. The words of Jesus are powerful things. By the very words that he spoke, creation came into being. Everything we can see, hear, and touch began with him. Not only that, but the intangible was created: joy, creativity, and covenant. Our ability to see creation and find beauty in it.

All set off by Jesus’s word.

I will build my church. The church. His movement. Our movement. With the sound of his voice he set it into motion. He began a movement with all of the same diversity and creativity he used in creation. Not only that, but he gave this movement unprecedented power. His power. Jesus gave us the keys to heaven. He gave us complete access to his kingdom. To him. He said that the gates of hell shall not prevail. The defense of the enemy won’t withstand our offense. It cannot prevail.

Jesus chose his church, to bring heaven to earth. We are a missional church. We work, we play, we do life together. We pray, we worship, we go into our community and make disciples. One by one, people discover the amazing love of Jesus Christ.  

Through prayer, worship, and discipleship the community that we live, work and play in, is no longer the same. It has been transformed by the love of Jesus Christ and his children.  As each local church takes ownership and authority of its community, whether it’s a mega church or house church, whether you play contemporary music or old gospel hymns, there is Power in the blood of Jesus! This is the power of the local church. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven! The desolate, wasted, and ruined places are now fenced and inhabited and look like the garden of Eden!!

Jesus Is Amazing Church